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In golf, the subset of golf clubs of the iron family is called "wedge". Wedges are designed for use in special situations. Wedge has been created to help the player in making a precise short-distance "lob" shots, usually to put the ball on the green or getting out of other tricky or hazard spots.
Wedges have many configurations usually grouped into 4 different categories: the sand wedges, the pitching wedges, the approach wedges and the lob wedges.

So why an expert player should choose a customized wedge? Custom wedges are created to fit all specifications that a professional golfer require for his specific game skills. A customized wedge are is a great option for any golf player who wants best performance from his game.

Before buying any custom wedges there some some important aspects to consider. First or all you need to decide which kind of clubs you want to carry. Usually golfers carry a set of 10 clubs, in addition to a driver, a 3 wood, and 5 and a putter. So it means that, in total, you will have 14 clubs to choose from. The vast majority of players carry a 3 to 9 iron so this leave you with room for three wedges. In alternative you could choose a utility wedge, a 2 iron, or if you prefer, a combination of a couple of different wedges.

So if you want to customize
your wedges , on the web you can find several different producers of customized wedges. One of them is Cleveland golf which, through the website offer an interesting set of customized wedges called "Mycustomwedge". Mycustomwedge offers golf players the opportunity to choose their perfect fit and then, to customize paint, logo, text and more. For more information you can visit www. .

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